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Training & Certification

Led by certified instructors, our training programs, crafted by OEMs, equip customers with the expertise to maximize their software’s business potential.

We are honoured to be recognised as an Education Centre for multiple OEMs such as IBM, VMware, Microsoft, and F5, to name a few. We deliver high-quality training utilising authorised courseware and certified instructors with real-work experience.

Our appointed instructors are all officially certified trainers, ensuring top-quality training facilitation and capabilities. We utilise courseware developed by all the OEMs, designed to provide skills and knowledge that will help customers effectively leverage the full potential of the respective software for their business needs.

Our expertise is backed by state-of-the-art facilities, a conducive learning environment, and excellence in customer service, ensuring a superior learning experience and fulfilment of training objectives.

Course Available Formats

We organise courses of different levels, from day-to-day usage to expert level and unex- plored opportunities in our products. If our customers are located too far away, we also run courses on the location where the customers are located.

Our training courses are a great way for our customers to learn how to utilise their infrastructure's potential and stay up to date with upgrades and the latest developments.

We also build tailor-made training schemes and courses according to the customer’s needs.

Why Partner with Us

As a partner to multiple OEMs, we have a unique value in systems development, in- tegration, and implementation of various projects within the sectors we service. Fur- thermore, we have specialised expertise in custom software development, providing specialised products, IT services and custom end-to-end solutions to our enterprise customers.

We have developed capabilities to implement and manage complex IT systems more effectively than many competitors in our category.

We also offer cus- tomised and cost-effective service level agreements (SLAs), covering mainly mainte- nance services.