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Welcome to MEH Tech—where your journey in innovation begins with us.

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We are MEH Technologies

Our story isn't just written through lines of code or the hum of servers; it’s crafted by the relationships we've nurtured and the businesses we've transformed.

MEH Tech emerges as a testament to the transformative power of technology combined with human passion. Our origins, once tied to Tectron IQ Technology Management, are steeped in two decades of expertise and the evolution of digital landscapes, especially through the crucible of a global pandemic.

At MEH Tech, we intertwine our customers' aspirations with bespoke IT solutions, believing that true innovation sprouts from deep understanding. Our services, spanning IT consultancy to future-edge technologies, are not just offerings; they are partnerships forged with precision and care.

In this ever-globalizing world, we stand as your strategic ally, crafting stories not just through data and devices, but through the successes we shape together. Here, your vision and our legacy unite to forge a path forward in technology, where every step is a leap towards tomorrow.

Welcome to MEH Tech—where your journey in innovation begins with us.

Our vision

To be the leading innovative African IT company for consulting services and training.

Our mission

To enhance customers’ business operations by developing, deploying, and maintaining customers IT infrastructure through premium IT products, services, and training.


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Our Approach

We are a company that intends to be at the forefront of our customer’s needs, deeply understanding their business needs, while delivering IT solutions that are optimised from the initial phase of scoping to the final delivery, maintenance, and continuous upgrading.

We always look at things from our customer’s perspective and strategic OEM to deliver an optimised IT solution, product, or training.

Our Services

Through our various cutting-edge solutions, we offer a hands-on approach and dedicated assis- tance with our fully-fledged IT Services, Products and Training.